Taiwan re-opens its doors to Xinhua and People’s Daily

By David Bandurski — As the recent warming of cross-straits relations expanded to the news sector, Taiwan’s Government Information Office announced on Monday that it would now allow reporters from mainland China’s official Xinhua News Agency and People’s Daily to be stationed in Taiwan and carry out reporting activities. The office also said the length of stay permitted for Chinese state media reporters would be extended from one month to three months.

Southern Metropolis Daily reported the news today, one of just a handful of newspapers to do so.

In April 2005, citing biased reporting from People’s Daily and Xinhua, Taiwan’s Democratic Progressive Party suspended their Taiwan offices. Government information Office Minister Vanessa Shih (史亚平) said official mainland media were being allowed back into Taiwan as the first step in Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeou’s policy of “normalizing mutual relations between media on both sides of the strait,” and that the move signaled Taiwan’s good faith.

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[Posted by David Bandurski, July 2, 2008, 4:35pm HK]

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  1. Yes, saw this. Also moving in is the Murdoch-owned Phoenix TV, which will be pro-China and pro-KMT, not pro-Taiwan and pro-democracy. So essentially our already overwhelmingly Blue media atmosphere just gained three new pro-Blue media orgs. Just what we needed….

    Still, it will be fun to have a drink with the Xinhua guy when I am in Taipei.


  2. David says:


    WE use simplified characters here at CMP (though we are based in HK). But we encourage you to have all the fun you want with those extra strokes.

    We use the English “Vanessa Shih” because this is the spelling most commonly used in English coverage and in press releases — makes it easier for our readers to search her name.


  3. Josh says:

    Reminder: Hong Kong and Taiwan use traditional characters…if you’re going to write Vanessa “Shih” be sure to get the “ya” in 史亞平 right. 😉

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