Political Reform and China’s Media (中国传媒与政治改革)

Political Reform and China’s Media (中国传媒与政治改革)
By: Qian Gang
Date published: 2008-10

What Direction is China’s Media Heading?

“From Liu Binyan to the Freezing Point Affair”
“A Record of Press Restrictions”
“Comments on the News Commentary Group of the Propaganda Department”
“May Our Vision Cut Through the Mist”
“The Joys and Sorrows of Dandelion”
“The Death of A Newspaper Man”
“Media Reform with Chinese Characteristics”
“Where is the Guilt in ‘A Record of the Tides’?”
“Viewing Political Reform through the 17th National Congress”
“Chinese Media in the Storm of Political Reform”

“The Story of the Red Heart”
“A Chronicle of the Launching of Lifeweek”
“Recollections of Germany”
“What Can You See?”
“An Oral History of ‘News Probe’”
“Southern Weekend and Reform in China’s Media”

“Historical Questions: Lessons from the Papers of the Past”
“This is History, and Also News”
“Taiwanese Elections Through the Eyes of a Mainland Journalist”
“Reflections on Hong Kong”
“Remembering Party Newspaperman Liu Baiyu”

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