Bag Rule Burdens Sichuan Students

Sichuan’s commercial Huaxi Metropolis Daily newspaper reported recently that university officials at Sichuan University’s Jincheng College issued a new regulation requiring all students to carry backpacks when attending classes. Feng Zhengguang (冯正广), head of the college’s Student Affairs Office, told the newspaper that the new requirement was part of an effort to build a more positive study environment. In this cartoon, posted by artist Shang Haichun (商海春) to his QQ blog, a student chained to a massive backpack cries out for help.

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  1. Martin says:

    I study at Sichuan University’s Wangjiang and Jiang’An campus, and attend class together with Chinese students. Noone has mentioned the new rule to me (yet), and I keep seeing all kinds of bags in class. I myself carry a hand held bag. Nobody has ever said to me that this is not allowed. So I can’t really say I have the impression that Chinese students consider the bag rule a burden.

    I will ask around today though!

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