Lone Wukan report in China’s press

The following report, printed on page 16 of today’s Nanfang Daily, the official newspaper of the Guangdong Provincial Committee of the CCP, is the only news report in China’s press today on the ongoing stand-off between villagers and authorities in Wukan Village.

The report is essentially an announcement by the top Party leader in the prefectural-level city of Shanwei that the negotiations for an end to tensions will now be principally the business of Shanwei, not of Lufeng, the county in which Wukan Village is located. The bottom line: this hot potato has been bumped up a level on the Party power ladder.

[ABOVE: A report on the Wukan incident appears on page 16 of Guangdong’s official Nanfang Daily newspaper. The report is in the middle, under the uppermost photo.]

The appearance of the article in Nanfang Daily is most likely meant to reflect to leaders around the country that Guangdong is prioritizing the handling of this crisis.

Nanfang Daily
December 20, 2011
By Xin Junqing (辛均庆), Hong Jiyu (洪继宇)

Shanwei Party Secretary Zheng Yanxiong Makes a Bulletin on Decisions Relating to the Wukan Incident: Government Will Return and Compensate for 269,000 Square Meters of Land

Nanfang Daily reporting — Yesterday, the Shanwei (汕尾) Party Committee and Shanwei Government held a press conference concerning the Wukan incident (乌坎事件). Shanwei Party Secretary Zheng Yanxiong (郑雁雄) said at the meeting that the [Shanwei] party committee and [Shanwei] government had decided to elevate the pledges and commitments of the Lufeng [county-level] party committee and government concerning the demands of the villagers and solutions to the issue, and implement these at the Shanwei [prefectural] Party and government level. Moreover, the original land for use by Country Garden (Holdings) Limited, which is already frozen, will be negotiated by the [Shanwei] government, compensation will be made for those who lost out in the land requisition, the 404 mu [269,000 square meters] of land involved in this incident will be returned, and new developments will be carried out in consideration of the views of planning departments and villagers, fully protecting the interests of villagers.

It is reported that on December 18, principal leaders from the Party and government of Shanwei city held a face-to-face meeting with more than 500 cadres, masses, teachers, student representatives and others from Wukan Village and surrounding areas. Additionally, Wukan Village party branch leader Xue Chang (薛昌) and village committee director Chen Shunyi (陈舜意) were detained and interrogated (双规) on December 16 by discipline inspection authorities. [NOTE: Detention and interrogation by discipline inspectors, known as shuang’gui, is a disciplinary measure for Party officials that lies outside the normal legal system.]

Zheng Yanxiong pointed out that the incident in Wukan village emerged from the masses being unhappy with the party branch chief and principle responsible persons in the village party committee who had remained in their posts too long, [and the villagers] out of concern for a change in their interests, demanding the protection of their own legal rights and interests in the management of village affairs, and in the transfer of land-use rights and the rise in value of land whose use had already been transfered. The nature of the incident, [Zheng said], is that of an internal interest dispute within the village, and [Zheng remains] confident that it will be handled as it should (相信一定会处理好).

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  1. David says:

    Yes, web searches will certainly come up with articles from “other media outlets”, but these (I’m fairly sure) are based on Nanfang Daily reporting and official government sources (government online portals, etc) in Guangdong. The above is based on a search of the WiseNews newspaper database, which includes few periodicals as well, so finding just the one article there does not mean (theoretically) that there could not be other reports in magazines/journals . I have not yet seen originally reported news from magazines, however. If you have, please do share.


  2. Chris says:

    I’m surprised at this. Maybe the search function was turned off resulting in Wukan reports not being searchable. I could swear I saw reports on Caijing and quite a few other Chinese media outlets I follow. Numerous reports too, not just reprints of the Southern article and much earlier than Dec 20.

  3. ltlee says:

    A baidu search with the following long search term
    “汕尾市委、市政府举行乌坎事件媒体见面会。汕尾市委书记郑雁雄在会上表示” yielded many results. A few are shown below: (shanwei= 汕尾, wukan= 乌坎)
    汕尾市委书记郑雁雄通报乌坎事件有关决定 – 推荐-广东 – 21CN.COM
    2011年12月20日… 昨日,汕尾市委、市政府举行乌坎事件媒体见面会。汕尾市委书记郑雁雄在会上表示,汕尾市委、…
    2011年12月20日… 南方日报讯 (记者/辛均庆 洪继宇)昨日,汕尾市委、市政府举行乌坎事件媒体见面会。汕尾市委书记郑雁雄在会上表示,汕尾市委、…
    汕尾乌坎事件404亩土地被收回 两村干部被双规 – 土地政策及舆论 -…

  4. David says:


    Just to clarify. The Nanfang Daily report appeared in no other newspaper except Nanfang Daily, according to the WiseNews databases of 200+ mainland Chinese newspapers. No other coverage with the keyword “Wukan” in either the headline or the body text appeared in mainland papers, according to the database.


  5. ltlee says:

    @S. Barret Dolph
    The title read “Lone Wukan report in China’s press”, it actually meant one unique report. The same report had been carried by variable news outlets.

  6. S. Barret Dolph says:

    It might possibly be that not every Chinese person reads all the newspapers put out in China. It should be spread more to show the need to combat corruption and young Chinese who can’t tell Marx from Madison so that China can move beyond the primary stage of socialism.

  7. ltlee says:

    “The following report, printed on page 16 of today’s Nanfang Daily, the official newspaper of the Guangdong Provincial Committee of the CCP, is the only news report in China’s press today on the ongoing stand-off between villagers and authorities in Wukan Village.”
    Truth is one. One good report should then be sufficient, at least theoretically speaking. If not, may be someone could elucidate the reasons.

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