The Anti-Social List

CMP selects and explains deleted weibo posts found through WeiboScope Search, a part of the social media archiving system developed by our JMSC colleagues.

  • Trump Tweets Deleted in China
    Trump Tweets Deleted in China
    This post deleted from Sina Weibo simply relayed Trump's April 11 posts on Twitter about demanding China's help on the North Korea issue.
  • Tough Times
    Tough Times
    2016-12-30 David Bandurski
    This post by veteran economic journalist Yu Shenghai predicting tough times ahead for China's economy in 2017 was deleted from Weibo.
  • Who Will Cry Injustice?
    Who Will Cry Injustice?
    2016-09-23 David Bandurski
    On September 22, human rights lawyer Xia Lin was sentenced to 12 years in prison. Many social media posts about the case have been removed.
  • Firm Opposition, Nothing Else
    Firm Opposition, Nothing Else
    2016-09-19 David Bandurski
    This post made to social media in China by Renmin University professor Zhang Ming was deleted within several hours. It is obliquely critical of China's official policy toward North Korea.
  • NO to election coverage on Weibo
    NO to election coverage on Weibo
    2016-09-05 David Bandurski
    A record 1.9 million people turned out to vote in last night's Legislative Council elections in Hong Kong. Meanwhile, censors in China scrambled to remove all trace of the news.
  • The woman who menaced the state?
    The woman who menaced the state?
    2016-01-21 Han Xiao
    This post about Zhao Wei, a young legal assistant swept up in the crackdown on civil rights lawyers in China, was deleted from Sina Weibo.
  • Posts in support of Pu Zhiqiang deleted
    Posts in support of Pu Zhiqiang deleted
    The following post by Sina Weibo user “Zhang Wen’s essays” (章文的文章) was deleted from the social media service sometime before 11:01AM today, December 22, 2015,… Read
  • That Mysterious “Facebook”
    That Mysterious “Facebook”
    2015-12-16 Han Xiao
    This post was one of many deleted from Sina Weibo today that comment on China's World Internet Conference, currently underway in the town of Wuzhen, in Zhejiang province.
  • Criminalization of speech
    Criminalization of speech
    2015-12-15 Han Xiao
    This post criticising China's trial of rights lawyer and former CMP fellow Pu Zhiqiang was deleted from Sina Weibo.
  • Sensitive Climate
    Sensitive Climate
    2015-12-02 Han Xiao
    This simple Weibo post mentioning ongoing climate talks in Paris was deleted from Weibo as pollution shrouded Beijing.

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