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There are a growing number of artists in China using the medium of the cartoon to explore, expose and lampoon current affairs. Comic China is a regular column, updated by CMP staff at least twice weekly, that translates and contextualizes cartoons from comic bloggers as well as artists drawing for mainstream Chinese media.

  • Pick a puppet, any puppet
    Pick a puppet, any puppet
    2014-09-08 Biantai Lajiao
    On September 31, the Standing Committee of China’s National People’s Congress issued strict procedures for the election in 2017 of Hong Kong’s next chief executive. The NPC proposal essentially gave China's central government the right to decide who could and could not stand as a candidate for Hong Kong's top office. Chinese artist "Perverted Pepper" responded with a political cartoon.
  • Gravely Overpriced
    Gravely Overpriced
    How much would you pay for a grave plot? A cemetery in Hebei is selling them for more than 60,000 yuan per square meter, according to recent news reports.
  • Trapped
    2013-12-10 Kuang Biao
    Following a report in December 2013 by the Beijing News about poor migrants living in underground wells in the capital's Chaoyang District because they could not afford housing there, local authorities sent teams to seal the well entrances with concrete.
  • Seeds of Doubt
    Seeds of Doubt
    This cartoon posted to Chinese social media suggests the language emerging from the Party's recent plenum is just, well, ejaculated air.
  • Say Cheese!
    Say Cheese!
    In this cartoon, artist DSX pokes dark fun at the idea of China's dreaded "urban management officers," or chengguan, being instructed to be more polite with those they terrorize.
  • Hooked by the Internet
    Hooked by the Internet
    2013-10-02 Zhu Senlin
    In this cartoon, following a 14-year corruption sentence for a former top Shanxi official, artist Zhu Senlin explores the power of the internet to fight corruption.
  • The Gavel of Governance
    The Gavel of Governance
    2013-09-05 Kuang Biao
    In this cartoon, artist Kuang Biao makes a rich and concise editorial comment on the institutional roots of corruption and the amoral political culture that results.
  • Stinking Up Weibo
    Stinking Up Weibo
    2013-08-26 Black White and Red Xiao Wei
    ReadIn August 2013, as China’s leadership sought to reassert control over social media in the midst of the high-profile trial of former Chongqing Party boss
  • The Dragging Ship of Hukou Reform
    The Dragging Ship of Hukou Reform
    There have been many reports recently suggesting China will move ahead on reforming its hukou system. But how quickly?
  • Watermelon
    2013-07-29 Li Yongqiu
    On July 17, 2013, watermelon vendor Deng Zhengjia died after being brutally beaten by urban management officers, or chengguan… Read, in the city of Linwu

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