June 2016

CMP's "news and analysis" section covers breaking news and emerging trends in the Chinese media and places these within a larger social and political context.

Bullets and smartphones

Bullets and smartphones A recent piece in the People's Daily from a top censorship official provides a disturbing glimpse into the depths of Xi Jinping's ambition when it comes to information control.

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Supervising Supervision

Supervising Supervision Media controls have long been tightening in China. But President Xi may want much more -- a radical restructuring of the entire information control system to put a stop to unwanted public opinion.

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Super Swimmer Mao Zedong

Super Swimmer Mao Zedong Among the many stories from the period of the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976) in China that illustrate the absurdity of the time, is the tale of how Chairman Mao was the world's fastest swimmer.

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A Brief History of Singing Red

A Brief History of Singing Red A concert of Maoist songs in Beijing recently sparked online controversy. But what exactly is a "red song"?

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The Maoist Revival That Unraveled

The Maoist Revival That Unraveled A Maoist "red song" event in Beijing sparked fears over the rise of leftist ideas. But things took an unexpected turn.

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