October 2015

CMP's "news and analysis" section covers breaking news and emerging trends in the Chinese media and places these within a larger social and political context.

China’s Internet sovereignty

China’s Internet sovereignty China has lately been talking more resolutely about the concept of "Internet sovereignty," arguing that a nation's supremacy over cyberspace is as crucial as protecting the security of its land and seas.

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Two share a boat

Two share a boat China’s top Internet official says now is the time for the U.S. and China to work together for a more secure Internet. But what will the cost be to an open cyberspace as the Chinese Communist Party pushes the idea of "Internet sovereignty"?

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346 Days in Jail

346 Days in Jail The following is a translation of a piece about the painful saga of Chinese journalist Liu Hu, detained in 2013 for whistleblowing.

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Uneasy Silence Follows Journalist’s Arrest

Uneasy Silence Follows Journalist’s Arrest It has now been a week since there has been any mention at all in China's media of Caijing journalist Wang Xiaolu, who "confessed" on national television on August 31.

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A “Positive Energy” War for Peace

A “Positive Energy” War for Peace One of the chief propaganda concepts under President Xi Jinping has been "positive energy." And positivity is an important part of what China's recent military parade was all about.

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