October 2016

CMP's "news and analysis" section covers breaking news and emerging trends in the Chinese media and places these within a larger social and political context.

Time to “De-deify” the West?

Time to “De-deify” the West? The populist Global Times newspaper argued in an op-ed yesterday that the presidential election in the United States exposes the lie of Western press neutrality. For the Chinese Communist Party, it’s a story as old as the hills.

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Speak Not of Lawyers Speaking Out

Speak Not of Lawyers Speaking Out The CAC, an agency created in 2014 to consolidate control over the country’s internet, ordered websites not to repost material from Caixin Online.

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The End of Consensus

The End of Consensus The shutdown over the weekend of Consensus, a popular site frequented by experts and intellectuals, spells more trouble for substantive discussion in China following troubles at the journal Yanhuang Chunqiu.

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In Wukan, a Clean Sweep

In Wukan, a Clean Sweep On September 12, the day before conflict broke out between villagers and armed police in the village of Wukan, an idyllic portrait of police-villager relations appeared in China's media.

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The Civilized Village

The Civilized Village The Chinese Communist Party's vision of the small fishing village of Wukan has changed dramatically over the years. With the recent crackdown on protests there, we are witnessing the latest shift.

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