September 2016

CMP's "news and analysis" section covers breaking news and emerging trends in the Chinese media and places these within a larger social and political context.

The Civilized Village

The Civilized Village The Chinese Communist Party's vision of the small fishing village of Wukan has changed dramatically over the years. With the recent crackdown on protests there, we are witnessing the latest shift.

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Innovation, so the Party can shine

Innovation, so the Party can shine As the global media ecosystem undergoes rapid and fundamental change, China’s leaders glimpse a once-in-a-generation opportunity to put the Communist Party back in control of public opinion.

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Constitutional Hostility

Constitutional Hostility China's constitution guarantees in principle core human rights like freedom of expression. But more extreme language of the state’s “fundamental law” is now coming back to haunt activists and lawyers.

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Convergent Control

Convergent Control Xi Jinping's idea of cyberspace innovation means just enough oxygen to sustain what the leadership regards as a healthy mobile internet, while maintaining tight control.

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Hot Peppers for a New China

Hot Peppers for a New China Over the past two years, President Xi Jinping has talked a lot about "innovation" in the media, including the innovation of control. But media innovation is as old as the hills.

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