July 2016

CMP's "news and analysis" section covers breaking news and emerging trends in the Chinese media and places these within a larger social and political context.

Hot Peppers for a New China

Hot Peppers for a New China Over the past two years, President Xi Jinping has talked a lot about "innovation" in the media, including the innovation of control. But media innovation is as old as the hills.

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“We will not give an inch”

“We will not give an inch” Three articles, angry and resolved, on the South China Sea, make the front page of the Chinese Communist Party's flagship newspaper today, following yesterdays decision against China at a UN tribunal.

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Reading the “Nine-Dash” Line

Reading the “Nine-Dash” Line The so-called "nine-dash line" is at the centre of a territorial dispute in the South China Sea decided against China at the UN. But how has the "nine-dash line" been defended in the CCP's official newspaper?

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A Tale of Two Writers

A Tale of Two Writers The death of Zhu Tiezhi, a senior editor at the CCP's official Seeking Truth journal, has prompted a wave of speculation among overseas media. What were the reasons for his death?

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Bullets and smartphones

Bullets and smartphones A recent piece in the People's Daily from a top censorship official provides a disturbing glimpse into the depths of Xi Jinping's ambition when it comes to information control.

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